…but still don’t last forever!

The first time abroad – the biggest fear? Staying alone and not making any friends. But everyone shares that fear which basically makes it impossible to stay alone. Everyone is looking for friends to make their adventure perfect. You could compare it to uni or school – it will never be that easy to make friends again! As soon as you leave those surroundings, it is much harder to meet people because of your job and everyday life.

Things are totally different when traveling, though. People share the same adventures, fears and thoughts which makes it easier to talk and get to know each other. At a hostel, backpacker events or at the train station, you will never run out of talking points. How long have you been here for? Have you travelled to this or that place? Do you have any recommendations for a good hostel? You can learn so much from one another.

Living together in a flat, hostel room or maybe even sharing a bed, you get to know each other much more intense. Added to that, you have all those experiences that you share – unique and unbelievable stories and trips that connect you on a deeper level. Often times, your friends at home are not going to be able to understand you as they do.

The people you meet while travelling quickly turn into family which gives them a special part in your life. It might even feel like you have never felt so connected with anyone else in your life before. I still remember the feeling when Sophie and I had to go different ways after living together for three months. We had stayed in a six square meter apartment and had shared everything. When we separated it felt like my other half was missing.

Unfortunately, not all of those friendships remained. It might be because of the distance that parts you as soon as you get home, someone loses interest, or you just change. You meet so many new people when you travel and some of them are just meant to be in your life for a short time. It can hurt but it won’t take away the moments you shared and the memories you made. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to stay in each other’s life. But some of them will stay forever – like Sophie.

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