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Credit: Sven Kolb

May 2018 – the first time I stand in front of an audience and talk about Cream & Travel. My business was not supposed to start until August – but when I met Sabrina at the ZGS Coaching, who organized the blogger workshop for Luísa Lión with her event agency Prosecco and Burpees and invited me to introduce my business, I could not miss this chance. Because at this event I would have the chance to meet my target group – young women (and men) who want to fulfil their dream of travelling the world. Through my service, they get the chance to work worldwide and to finance their travels, as well as working on their own blog. Since a successful blog lives on good content, the job as a beauty consultant offers not only the usual travel topics, but also the chance to create articles about the beauty industry.

Since I wasn’t ready with my business preparations, everything had to go a bit faster than planned. My friend Johanna (www.johannaraissa.com) quickly worked on my logo, first postcards with my contact details were printed, a presentation and an Instagram account with the first pictures created.

bloggerworkshop, Luisa Lion, blog, workshop, creamandtravel, blogger
Our mentor for the weekend: Luisa Lion

How many times have I had an idea and then discarded it because not everything was perfect. Especially, when you reveal so much personal information about yourself. Anyone who has ever wanted to set up his own business probably knows what I am talking about. So, the blogger workshop was just right for me at that time as it was an opportunity to get the first feedback that doesn’t come from friends or relatives. Plus, the feeling that there’s no turning back because the idea you have in your head over months just becomes reality once you say it out loud and in public.

At the Blogger workshop in Berlin I did not only get super positive feedback on my business idea, but I also got to know incredibly great women and even some who are interested in working worldwide as a skin care consultant. With the first step I took everything started rolling, as always. Suddenly, I found my Instagram account creamandtravel_ on other channels – a great support from the empowering women I got to know that day.

bloggerworkshop, Luisa Lion, blog, workshop, creamandtravel, blogger
The whole crew

Of course, in addition to presenting my own business idea, I was also able to learn a lot during these two days – about blogging, social media and living as a self-employed person!

What I am taking away from these days? Great new contacts and the feeling that this was just the beginning!

Credit: Sven Kolb

Thanks to Sabrina from Prosecco and Burpees (www.proseccoandburpees.com) and Luisa Lión (www.style-roulette.com) from Bloggerworkshop (www.bloggerworkshop.com)

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