Since I founded Cream and Travel in 2018, many things have changed. My first learning from this
whole experience was to not wait for the perfect idea or the perfect timing as self-employment is a
constant learning process that won’t happen if you don’t make a start!

Cream and Travel came to life when I had the idea to help others to experience Work and Travel a
little differently. During my first Work and Travel in Australia in 2013, I, unlike the majority of
backpackers, didn’t work on a farm but instead in the beauty industry. Without any prior knowledge,
without a plan. It didn’t take me long to realise that this was a great opportunity for me to travel the
world while improving my personal sales and marketing skills.

Every little girl has dreamt of working for the big players the beauty industry at some point, right? For
me, this always seemed so far away. However, this dream has now turned into a dream life because it
has so much to offer.

I decided I wanted to share this privilege of working and travelling while keeping a high living
standard due to a good income. That’s why I did not only arrange placements in companies abroad,
but also gave sales and product trainings, all while still working in the industry myself.

People kept asking me why I didn’t sell my “own” products – and that’s how the idea of another
mainstay came to life. However, it’s very difficult to make out a company and products that you stand
for 100% in terms of ingredients, effect and brand philosophy. A number of legal and logistic
questions didn’t make it any easier.

At the beginning of this year, when I had almost decided not to do it, I was invited to a Beauty Event
that has changed everything – for the good.

Firstly, I have a sales partner and a community which basically erases all the negative aspects of being
self-employed: high-end products that I feel comfortable to recommend to others, an easy ordering
process without any storing costs or minimum or a minimum purchase quantity, scientific support, a
training concept that yields guaranteed success, and a like-minded community that allows for
interaction and means that I am no longer facing my problems alone.

Secondly, I can do what I do best: sharing my knowledge and experience with people that dream of a
free, self-determined and independent life but are scared or have simply not found a path that fits
their lifestyle.

Cream and Travel has changed: it has grown. Basically, it’s all about these three things:

Beauty. It’s not only about products that will improve your skin but also about a job that can change
your life.

Travel. See the Beauty in the World. I will show you how to combine travel and work and make it a
lifestyle that allows you to dive deep into different cultures and experience their people and country.

Inspiration. Do you also want a life outside the 9-to-5 bubble? Listen and I will tell you how.
Otherwise, you can also let yourself get inspired by those people that have inspired me to choose a
different path and listen to their exceptional stories – also outside of the beauty industry.

This opportunity is a little like the icing on the cake – or those rose-coloured glasses through whom I
look into the future!

You want to work with me or learn more? Make sure to drop me a message!