I can still remember the job orientation days we’d have at school where only companies from our
area would show up who all worked in the same industry. Creative jobs? Nowhere to be found.

Information about staying abroad followed the same pattern: student exchange, language trips, Au
Pair and farm jobs were all you could find. But nothing that would actually help with your career.
Until now! This is since I decided to do presentations at school exactly on that topic.

See the Beauty in the World

Still, many dream of working in the beauty industry. However, a rude awakening expects them after
successfully completing the training: poorly paid jobs, expensive training programmes, a lot of
competition and too little development opportunities.

But why do many find it so difficult to succeed in the Beauty Industry?

In my opinion, it’s due to putting a high emphasis on the creative part of the job, such as nail design,
facial treatment and hair styling. However, the economic, and therefore financially attractive sales
part, is ignored in many cases.

This became apparent when I started presenting at schools to show students what possibilities await
them after completing their job training. They are confronted with many prejudices, such as that
people in their field have an under-average level of learning and therefore won’t earn that much.

The solution…?
Is partly hidden in the school system – in my opinion. Cosmetician training should integrate seminars
about profitability, self-employment and sales as these are the topics that will help to become
successful. In the end, the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to invite successful people from the industry to explain what it
takes to go all the way to the top and become an expert at what you do.

As I can’t change the school system, I am trying to do my part by showing what is possible for you

You’d like me to come to your school? Then make sure to send me an email!

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