…and why I had never made better use of my semester break

A year had passed since I had returned from my work and travel year in Australia. I was stuck in my studies in Berlin and the Post-Travel blues still had me under control. I missed my life in Australia every day and so I decided to visit my friends and colleagues in Melbourne during my semester break.

Shrine of Remembrance
Shrine of Remembrance

While on the plane, I was super excited about returning to Melbourne. One year ago, I had left Australia with tears in my eyes. Would it feel the same this time or had everything changed on the other side of the world?

The first time I walked along the beach in St Kilda, I realized what I had missed so much. The feeling was exactly the same and somehow it was relieving. I knew that I only had two and a half months’ time and so I enjoyed every minute. I also enrolled for a college course in order to prepare for my upcoming semester abroad and to make effective use of the time I had in Australia. Furthermore, I already visited various universities in order to make a good decision.

Port Melbourne

Besides that, I sometimes worked for my company again – together with old and new colleges. However, things had changed here – for the better. While I had previously only worked on sales stands, I had the opportunity to work in luxury shops with facial rooms and new product ranges this time.

Skin Care Consultant

As always, I enjoyed the community that was formed through the work. We spend our evenings, weekends and days off together and had a lot of fun. Even though Melbourne felt like my second home already, there were still many places to discover that I didn’t know yet.

City Center


Like the Grampians, which are nearby and from where you have an amazing view over the mountains. There are so many great destinations around Melbourne that you can reach in less than an hour by car.


Shortly before I had to fly back home, me and my friend took a trip to Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay. In Surfers Paradise we enjoyed another incredible Backpackers Night Out – a party that I would recommend to all backpackers. In Byron Bay we could not escape the vibe again and so I had real feathers in my hair once again.

My boss threw a big Goodbye party for me on my last night in Melbourne. This didn’t make it any easier to leave, but this time I knew I’d be back soon!

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