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Hello! Welcome! Shalom! Cream and Travel, founded by me, Eva Uckelmann, is a Service & Recruitment Agency, which mediates women and men interested in global travels and beauty to the leading companies in the field of “sales of skin care products”.

Since I myself have worked for years as a cream saleswoman worldwide you do not only benefit from my experience, but I will also train you for the job in online workshops before your departure. Cream and Travel will also assist you in planning and organising your trip – whether concerning visa, accommodatin or transport – so that you can start your adventure without worries.

Why Cream & Travel?

  • Community: Live, travel and work with a like-minded community from around the world.
  • Life experience: Integrate yourself into the local life while working and get to know the country, people and culture deeply.
  • Work experience: Gain work experience in another country and benefit from the experience of your colleagues.
  • Sales Experience: Learn to work hard in order to achieve your individual goals.
  • Travel Experience: Leave your comfort zone and discover what the world has to offer.

Follow me on my adventures in a cream pot around the world and book your own adventure right here.

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