For Parents

Sleepless nights – when the child wants to go abroad on its own …

Generation Y – fearless, eager to discover, cosmopolitan and sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities.

Our parents’ generation on the other hand grew up quite differently and for this very reason there sometimes is a lack of understanding of each other’s lifestyle. While most of our parents worked in a profession all their lives and their main goal was to earn money as quickly as possible after school or university, we are still travelling the world, are studying, have no permanent place of residence or partner at the age of 30.

Times change! But when we embark on adventures without worries, we often forget our parents who suffer from worrying too much and sleepless nights lie ahead while we are abroad.

“Now i´m gonna tell my momma that i´m a traveller i´m gonna follow the sun” (Parov Stelar)

An honest interview with my mother, Petra, about the first shock, letting go, the fears and what can help to overcome them.

Mom, do you remember the first time I told you about my idea of going abroad on my own?

Yeah, and I was just thinking, ‘Is she serious’?!

Yeah I remember that, too. And then you chattered down the W-questions catalog (laughs)

Yes, why Australia – that’s as far away as it can get. With whom – and why alone? And how do you actually imagine the whole thing to go down. And what are you going to do and who’s going to pay for it? These are legitimate questions if you want to go abroad alone as a woman.

What were your biggest worries?

That you are alone, and nobody can help you and I don’t have the possibility to be there fast enough so that I could be there for you if something happens.

And what helped you?

That I knew you had a local contact. It was reassuring to know that someone would pick you up from the airport and you would have an accommodation after the long flight. And of course, that you had a job and colleagues and everything important was settled.

Your tips for other parents?

Let the kids go. I remember that we spent a lot of time together before you left. But at some point, it was time for you to leave, because saying goodbye for a while became really hard. I knew I couldn’t hold you back because you wanted to leave. So, I could only let you go with the feeling that you could always come back to us if something happened.

Looking back, was it really that bad in the end?

No, once you left and I saw you were fine, it was okay. Especially because I was in contact with your company and knew that you were not going to be lost all of a sudden. And WhatsApp and Skype also make it much easier to stay in contact today today.

And I know you’re gonna leave again…

 I apologize for the sleepless nights and thank you and Dad for your support!