Cream & Travel gives you the opportunity to work as a salesperson for skin care products worldwide . Find out which countries are the most interesting for you.

The countries below just serve as an example, other locations can be requested right here.

North and South America are the destinations where dreams come true. Stop a yellow taxi in New York and take a picture of the whole city from Rockefeller Center, find out that the white house in Washington D.C. isn’t as big as on TV. Miami Beach, on the other hand, is exactly as described in the songs. San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles – you have to experience America. You can integrate yourself into the American lifestyle while working in Boston for example. Canada also has a lot more to offer than snow masses, wide landscapes and bears – with the Working Holiday Visa it is one of the backpackers’ top destinations.

Europe offers a new world every few hours. And you don’t even have to fly around the world to experience it. You can relax and explore your neighboring countries, which also have a lot to offer. Whether gorgeous beaches or impressive cities – all this is only a few hours away from you. You will find various job opportunities in Spain, Italy and Finland and many more European countries.

Asia is one of the top destinations for many young travellers, not only because it is a good place to live at a high standard. If you want to deepen your adventure and earn your money in another culture in addition to travelling, you have the opportunity to do so in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and many more Asian countries. There are also wonderful luxurious shopping centers between many temples.

Oceania is one of the most wanted destinations and especially attracts young backpackers. Australia, also known as Down Under or Lucky Country, impresses with its breathtaking beaches, waterfalls and the Outback. In Australia, you have the opportunity to work in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra. New Zealand, on the other hand, is called the green island for a reason and has served as a film set several times. New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, offers you great job opportunities. On the other side of the world, you will find particularly laid-back Aussiemates and Kiwis. Australia and New Zealand have adapted to the backpacking masses over the years – the working holiday visa, the transport network, hostels and BBQs on every corner and one attraction after another. No worries is the motto.

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