Langeoog – a perfect wedding weekend

When your one and only brother gets married, it is without a doubt a special event but if this wedding takes place on an island with your whole family present, there it is only going to be one thing – unforgettable.

Even though my brother and his wife had already experienced a lot of important milestones of their relationship on this island, it was completely new to me and my family members. Langeoog is one of seven East Frisian islands and one of its characteristics is its no-cars policy. Meaning we all met at Bensersiel to take the ferry to Langeoog. We got lucky with the weather and so we enjoyed the sunshine on our faces during the ferry ride. (And yes, some wind as well)

As soon as we arrived, we got our bags and hopped on a cute little train – called “Bimmelbahn” in German – which took us to the heart of the island. And it already felt like holidays for me. The people were laid back, no honking, no crowds of people, no cars – instead just our family, reunited and in anticipation for the wedding.

We made our way through the little city centre to get to our hotel, which was basically filled with family members and wedding guests only. This was going to be our home for the next two days, living door to door. After we’ve had lunch in one of the many lovely restaurants, I got to explore the beach with my cousin. Walking through the dunes and past the water tower, the sea lay right ahead of us. I couldn’t help but ask myself, why we didn’t come here more often. It was nothing but beautiful.

On that evening, the so called “Westphalian Evening” was on the program. It basically means, that men and women spend their evening separately. While us women were enjoying Aperol Spritz in the nice restaurant “Ebbe und Flut”, the men were watching football, drinking beer and eating spare ribs in the restaurant “Blied”. At midnight, we all went to bed as we had a stressful but nevertheless wonderful day ahead of us.

We all met at breakfast, before wife and husband-to-be were separated to get ready for their big day. The first tears were shed when I saw my brother in his suit. While the bridal pair went to the beach for a photo session, the rest of us had time to enjoy the sun and the sea before it was time for the actual wedding. They chose to get married at a very old and cute house, that was surrounded by cobblestone, which was engraved with the initials and the date of marriage of all couples that got married here. After a very emotional wedding, which came to its highlight with a live performance of Ed Sheeran’s song “You are perfect”, the freshly married couple Uckelmann was celebrated with flowers, soap bubbles and wishes for their future.

I had the chance to be the flower girl once more at the age of 30, after I had totally blown it in younger years. Before it was time to take some more pictures with the couple, the bridal pair obviously had to put their cobblestone in as well to mark this truly important day. Other than that, it was time for the “Sektempfang”, another German tradition where sparkling wine is served to the guest and a toast is made for the bridal pair. Now it was time to head to the dunes to take pictures and after that, get to the final location for this day – a restaurant on top of a dune, overlooking the beach and the sea called “Strandhalle”. Presents were exchanged, pictures taken, and food served. We enjoyed our first meal, Carpaccio and some wine, when my brother started his truly emotional speech to open the evening. Main course and dessert following and in between little speeches from some of the guests, videos and presentations for the bridal pair.

It so happened, that the singer of the band “Modern Walking” had an act at this restaurant and this was our luck! He played different songs for us and quite soon, the guests started to sing along to his songs and we reached the first highlight of the evening! What was meant to be civil marriage with some delicious food afterwards, turned into the party of the year. The wedding cake was cut, the bridal bouquet found a new owner and we laughed and danced the night away. Our perfect ending was watching the sunrise at the beach.

After just a few hours of sleep, we all met at breakfast again. We couldn’t deny felling a little hungover, some more than others, but we will never forget this day! It couldn’t have been any more perfect.

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