Suisse Caravan Salon, Bern – Cream & Caravan

The last exhibition for this year was something very special. While I usually find myself between other beauty and hair stands, I stood in between caravans and camping accessories this time – Cream & Caravan.

My first thought was that I should stop my clients in a different way than normal and maybe start with a joke about camping and cream! But already the first customer answered me in French and the trauma I got from the fair in Lausanne came up again. Luckily there were only a few people who spoke French, the rest spoke fluent German.

This time we were accommodated in a modern hotel and even had a small kitchen in our rooms. I was very happy that I had a room for my self this time. Normally I am happy to spend the evenings with the other workers, but I noticed that my body is tired from the exhibition season and needed some rest. That’s why this time I neither looked at the surroundings nor ate in fancy restaurants.

I got up in the morning, worked, came back to my hotel room, ate something, fell into bed, enjoyed the TV program, answered e-mails and wrote one to-do list after the other. Because I had so much to do before my big trip to New Zealand, I was always distracted and couldn’t always get 100% involved with the customers.

The job, as an active salesperson and skin care consultant, demanded just that. Because while the sales strategies that are practiced in Germany and Switzerland and consist of waiting for the customer to become aware of you, we concentrated on actively advising the customer. As always with success. Every trade fair is the same: In the beginning, we received funny looks from the exhibitors around us. By the third day, they tried to copy us, as they noticed that our stand is always full.

Time has changed. Just as employees are no longer able to get and choose huge amounts of applications, but must actively search for workers, sales have changed also. The customers want to be able to explore the products with all their senses, they want detailed advice and must be actively made aware of it. Sales are not made without work – that’s probably the most important lesson I learned in two and a half months at the exhibition season.

It was an exhausting, instructive and wonderful time. Now it’s time to lay back and make up your mind. Which trade fairs were worthwhile and which less? At which trade fairs  I will be working again next year and at which not? Which companies will I continue to work with and with which not?

However, before these decisions have any effect on my next year, my long-awaited time-out with my parents and my next adventure NEW ZEALAND are just around the corner! Can´t wait!


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