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My Work & Travel adventure started in Australia in 2013, where I also started to work as a beauty consultant to finance my travels. I was enthusiastic about the idea of being able to work worldwide whenever and wherever I wanted. This opened up completely new possibilities for me – not only to be a traveler, but also to be able to immerse myself into the local life for a while. Being able to travel to other countries always requires certain financial reserves. If these were missing, does this meanthere are no opportunities to see the world?

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Let the planning begin!

After my Work & Travel year in Australia, I studied a semester abroad and worked part-time as a beauty consultant. After my time in Australia, I decided to go to Israel and America for a few months, so I ended up being on the road for almost a year again. This is when like-minded people started asking me frequently how I am able to finance all my travels. When I finished my studies, the “real” life began. I started working in various nine-to-five jobs – but no job really wanted to fit me. There had to be something between these two extremes, my mind kept telling me. Once again, a hint of fate brought me a company contact that had specialized in pre-founder coaching. At that time, I wasn’t really aware that I was going to build my own business.

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When dreams become true

After I sent an e-mail with my business idea, I got invited to an interview by ZGS. I presented my idea more detailed and got invited to a four-day assessment center with seven other founders. Our ideas were audited: market, competition- and target group analysis, own personality, abilities, further steps. My idea suddenly became quite real – would I really be able to keep up with being self-employed?

Fortunately, doubts were not possible because I already held a voucher for 30 coaching hours in my hand. Since then, I have a mentor by my side who goes through every step of the pre-founding process with me. The first big step had been taken – the service and recruitment agency Cream & Travel was born to send women and men interested in global travels and beauty to the leading companies in the field of “sale of skin care products”.

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Where will I go next?

The rest will come on its own. What could go wrong if you follow your dream and also open doors for others?

Thanks to ZGS (www.zgs-consult.de) and Elisabeth Klee (www.existenziell.info) for their support.

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