At the moment, it feels like my life consists of me packing and unpacking my suitcases, changing my bed and surroundings and living together with new people over and over again. What sounds like a dream come true (which it is most of the time) it can be quite tough. While the words routine and everyday life are on top of the “list of borrowing things”, we actually really need those. Our generation screams for “Get lost!” – which sounds adventurous but eventually, everyone needs some structure in their life in order to keep everything together.

Habits and routines give us a feeling of security in everyday life. The more safety there is, the harder it gets to get rid of daily things. Obviously, travelling is there to help with that – new experiences and impressions guaranteed. But nevertheless, there is a need of something that feels familiar when you are far away from home.

This explains why people choose to spend their holidays in the same country and the same hotel. They know what they will get. Our body is not built for constant change. Because our instinct screams for security. And even the most passionate travellers know the feeling that hits you when you arrive at an unknown place. But this doesn’t mean that it is bad – the opposite actually. Because change is the best way to learn and to develop.

If you’re feeling a little lost, routines might help you to get rid of that unpleasant feeling. Your favourite music and food, getting in touch with your loved ones at home will help to get over it as well. I guess everyone knows that feeling you get when you spot your favourite dish at the end of the world. That’s what it was like for me when I was in Bangkok and everything seemed to get out of hand – I discovered a German bakery and spent hours there.

What helps me is decorating my new room with personal belongings, so it feels like home. Obviously, I only do this when I spent more than a few nights at one place. I bring my bed sheets, pictures and other things from home and start decorating. I would also recommend avoiding living out of your suitcase because as soon as you unpack your things, everything starts to feel more like home.

In order to feel comfortable in your new environment, you first have to explore it. Walk around and discover all the wonderful places along the way. Find the nearest supermarket and all the things you need for your daily life. Find out the closest ways to your work or your friends. This way you will never end up in a situation where you are completely exhausted and have no idea how to get home from where you stuck.

A lot of famous people swear on the impact that having a morning routine has on your life. And I am working on that now! Especially when you’re self-employed it is hard to get out of bed even though it leaves a bad feeling. And actually, I noticed that some of my colleagues have a morning routine – some go on walks, others meditate or start their day with a prayer. Whatever it is that you do – routines will structure your life. If that means getting a croissant and an orange juice, or a coffee, on your way to the fair or starting your day with reading the newspaper or maybe even going for a run – do what makes you feel good.

By the way, routines take time before they manifest in our lives. You have got to stay on track! Or as Laura Malina Seiler put it – The “Why” must be bigger than your ego. It means that the reason for you to introduce this routine into your life has to be very important in order manifest – otherwise it will be history in just a few days. Long live the daily (travel) routines!

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