The last days before departure were again really exhausting. Everything seemed to not work out – I had to unpack my suitcase again and again because it was still too heavy, my new SIM card didn’t arrive on time and I found myself in a roller coaster of feelings between wanderlust and saying goodbye: It was time for me to go!

Before departure: roller coaster of feelings

Early in the morning, my parents took me to Düsseldorf airport, from where I started my journey around the world. After I checked my suitcase in and hugged my parents once again, I disappeared in the gate. Already in the plane, I tried to adjust a little to the new time zone – so I slept when it was light and tried to stay awake when it was dark outside. Both were not so easy, because next to me sat a woman with a baby, who screamed for almost 12 hours. With a short stop in Singapore, I went on for another 11 hours directly to Auckland.

At the airport, I was welcomed by my new colleagues that took me to my new accommodation. Since I had suffered a lot from my jet lag the last time, I accepted the recommendation of a colleague to take a melatonin tablet. And indeed, I woke up relatively fit the next morning. While everyone else was working, I went to explore my neighborhood. I know it sounds stupid, but when I entered the Woolworth Shop (big supermarket in Australia and New Zealand), I was really happy. Everything I had missed for so long suddenly stood in front of me again. TimTams, pods, tuna in all possible flavors, wraps – I was in food heaven!

Arrival on the other side of the world: Everything I had missed for so long suddenly stood in front of me!

But what I missed the most – the friendliness of the people. Wherever I was, I was greeted, smiled at and people were always helpful and in a good mood. I had left the emotional chaos from Germany behind me and had arrived! On the same day, my boss took me to the warehouse so that I could buy decoration for my room.

Mount Wellington

Together with my new colleague, I went to our new workplace the next day. The mall “Sylvia Park” looked very nice and so I looked forward to my first working day. And also here I was surrounded by all my favorite shops: Dotti, county roads etc.. I traveled with the thought of flying into the summer, unfortunately, the weather disappointed me a little because it rained most of the time. As the clouds disappeared, we went to Mount Wellington, from where we had a great view over Auckland. On the other side – green as far as the eye could see.

Ozeanien = Happiness

The rain had moved on and Auckland spoiled me with a bright blue sky, sunshine and warm temperatures – just the right weather to explore the city center and the harbor. I started at the old Fairy Building and from there I walked up the famous Queen Street. Back at the harbor, I discovered the “Headquarters” – a mixture of bar and restaurant, which I liked directly. Outside, with a view of the harbor, countless deckchairs that you can use even if you don’t want to order anything. Inside dine & dance. Here I got the same feeling of happiness that I had in Melbourne every time I visited the “Republica” in St. Kilda. Life is beautiful! Oceania – the other end of the world – still made my heart beat faster!

Old Fairy Building

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