Australia is the MOST famous destination for young backpackers. Many of them just graduated and want to explore the world and improve their English. Arriving on the other side of the world, you will understand that the English here is completely different from the rest of the world.

Australians love to shorten every word and use their own slang. So Australia becomes Straya! Until you get used to the Australian English, you often don’t understand a single word.

“After smoko I might go down the bowlo sarvo for a schnitty and bevvy!”

You don´t understand? Check out this video to understand the Australian Slang better!

So today, I will share with you what I learned about the Australian slang!

Australians love to have a little chat. But only for a short time. Therefore, they shorten every word!

Shorten words!

ie y o
BBQ – barbie

Breakfast – brekkie

Brisbane – Brizzie

Cab / Taxi Driver – cabbie

Cardigan – cardie

Free gift – freebie

Pyjamas – jarmies

Lipstick – lippie

New item – newie

Present – prezzie

Sick day – sickie

Sunglasses – sunnies

Tasmania – Tassie

Comfortable – comfy

Toilet – dunny

Expensive – exy

Football – footy

Kindergarten – kindy

Rockhampton – Rocky

Bottle of beer – stubby

TV – telly

Afternoon – arvo

Avocado – avo

Combination – combo

Demonstration – demo

Garbage collector – garbo

Journalist – journo

Musician – muso

Cigarette break – smoko

In Australia, you will hear the same phrases repeatedly. Probably the most famous sentence is “No Worries”.



How ya goin´ mate – orright?

Catch you later / Check ya later

No worries

Good day

How are you my friend – alright?

See you later

OK / No problem

In cities like Melbourne or Sydney, you will still understand most of the Australians. But the further you get to the inland or into smaller cities and meet old-established Australians, it gets more difficult. Here‘s an example for some Australian slang:


Dip your lid

Give it a burl / Have a shot at it





Old cheese

A ripoff

Idiot Box

Poo tickets


Flat out like a lizard drinking

Get a wriggle on

Hang on a tick



Show respect


Guy / Dude

Unexpected guest

Nickname for bald people





Toilet Paper

Car accident

Very busy

Hurry up

Wait a moment

You bet

Hot day

G´Day Mate!

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  1. Bei meinem Work and Travel Jahr in Australien war es die ersten Tage auch erst mal die Kunst, gewisse Ausdrücke überhaupt zu verstehen. Ich dachte, mein Englisch sei sehr gut, aber in manchen Situationen wurde ich da echt eines Besseren belehrt.

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