“Go with the flow” isn’t exactly what us Germans are known for. We love planning and knowing exactly what will happen next. Don’t let anything every leave to chance. And even though I thought I had gotten rid of this mind-set due to all my travelling, I was shocked when I noticed how it affected me when things didn’t go as planned. I hadn’t planned anything in detail, but I still had a few things in mind about my time in New Zealand.

Go with the flow

After my first time in Australia, I had given up on creating the perfect plan. However, I did plan every single step before I went there but it turned out that life just doesn’t work that way. My original plan was to start in the North and then work my way down to the South. I realised that in order to use the benefits that traveling offers you, you have to be more spontaneous – like meeting strangers that become friends and joining them on their journey, tossing your own plans aside. And that’s exactly what I did in Australia. I started in the North but instead of going South, I was transferred to the East because of work. Then, I flew to the South just to go back to the North to catch up on everything I hadn’t seen there during my first time. Did that make sense? Well on paper it definitely did not. Would I change anything if I could? Hell no!

Therefore, I should have known better this time, but I still find it hard to rely on my intuition and believe that everything will be just fine in the end – even though I might feel completely lost at some point.

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Takapuna Beach

That’s why I found myself in the travel agency to book my route across the North and South Island. But even though the pictures were truly beautiful, something didn’t seem right so that I never booked anything. Maybe because I had already arrived in paradise – a house right on the beach. Had I planned this? No. But I wanted to stay. The first few days were a struggle because I had to learn to start the day without a plan and accept whatever it may bring – but it still felt right. But until then, I had quite a few stressful days. Even at the most beautiful place on earth our mind can trick us into thinking that there is something to worry about. It took some time for me to enjoy my days to the fullest and learn to live in the moment – which I think is the first time I can actually do this. I don’t know when I’ll come back to Germany or if I will just stay here. I don’t know when I start travelling around New Zealand – I just don’t know what the future will bring at all. It feels good, though. In a world that is telling you to always think ahead and plan each and every step, it is extremely liberating to have trust in the unknown

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