Meet.Curve Collaboration

When it comes to summer I feel like it’s expected from us girls to have insecurities when it comes to our body. It’s the main topic in summer – and if you’re not talking about it as well ist kind of weird. I know a lot of girls that haven’t been swimming in ages because they don’t feel comfortable in their body. I remember back in Australia when I was one of these girls at first. But you know what?! Australia is so damn hot it burns all your insecurities away. So maybe all we need is a hot summer orrrrrrrr Swimwear that makes you feel good and comfortable. So when meet.curve reached out regarding a collaboration– yes I needed to have a second thought about it. Showing your body off in public is one thing but showing it on social media and the world wide web a complete different. So I began to scroll to my feed and I found pics of me in swimwear – overseas, traveling. That was a no-brainer for me, so why should it be now right?

What I love about meet.curve is that they’re celebrating all body types and make swimsuits from size Medium to 4XL and offer both midsize & plus size. Not to mention that their swimsuits are super fun and cute, stylish designs and not the „the bigger the more boring“ version of swimsuits.

Midsize / Curvy Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear I feel it always gets a bit tricky with the sizes. Curvy Stores start sizing from 42 and they mostly fit perfectly, sometimes they’re a bit lose. In mainstream stores, I’m a 42-44 but also sometimes it gets out of proportion and a 48 is not fitting. So how to find the perfect size? They have a measurement list where you can exactly see what’s fitting you best. So for me, it was a 2XL – Girls don’t get crazy it’s just a number. And they are fitting perfectly.

In addition, their swimsuits are very reasonably priced and also have very good quality at the same time. So make sure you’re hopping onto their website and check out their styles – they even just launched a new collection!

Check out the pieces I’ve got below and what my thoughts are on each one of them.

This bartic suit is my favorite one. I mean how cool does it look? I like that you can vary on the look in the front – if you want the bands more open or close. And also in the back, you can vary on the size and how tight you want the suit to be.

I’m usually not going for bikinis anymore, as I´m feeling way more comfortable in one-pieces but this one I love because it underlines the best – as I like it. The pants are high-waist and hast o bands that go over the belly as well – a very flattering style. The bikini top is very supportive – but supportive means normally big and not very sexy. But because of this little see-through area ist very nice.

This white suit is super cute but not the right one for me personally. The volant is too short and this is why there is a lot of focus on the belly area – my least favorite on myself. So I feel like this one is not bringing my curves out to the best. But what I like about this one in the back. The cross bands and the volant look super cute.

So blow away your insecurities, find the right swimwear for yourself at the Meet.Curve website or go visit them on Instagram @meet.curve and enjoy summer to the fullest!