“When one door closes another one opens” – or in my case, a gate to an unbelievably beautiful beach house. And once again, nothing worked according to plan on the other side of the world. I had actually planned to work during the Christmas season, travel the country afterwards and then catch my flight back to Germany. As I had already learned that it didn’t make much sense to plan everything ahead, I decided to be a little more easy-going. I finished working, moved from our company’s accommodation to a hotel in the city centre and intended to start traveling the North and South Island before New Year’s Eve. However, I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to travel on my own or with someone else, go by bus, car or campervan, stay in hotels, hostels or Airbnbs and what I wanted to see where and when.

As I did not find anyone that I wanted to travel with, I decided to go on my own. Other than that, I couldn’t be bothered to plan everything which is why I got help at the well-known backpacker travel agency Peterpans. Quite quickly, I realised that the journey I had wished for wouldn’t be happening due to my small budget. It was summer in New Zealand which means peak season for back packers. All cars and campervans were booked, busses were packed and instead of sleeping in a 4 or 6 bed dorm rooms (which I had mentally prepared myself for) the only rooms available were 10 bed dorm rooms.

Nothing really seemed to be working out and I kept on looking for other options. But every day that I waited, my budget got smaller. When I couldn’t stay in my hotel any longer and had to find a new place to stay in just one day, I was feeling really down. But right in that moment, where the best thing to do seems to be packing up as everything is too much, the best options appear.

On Airbnb, I found a cheap accommodation that was on the beach and is normally fully booked out the whole year. Without giving it a second thought, I booked two nights in the suburb of Takapuna Beach to flee from big city life in Auckland. When the owner opened the door, I couldn’t believe it. A house that was more than I could have ever imagined. I did not live close to the beach, not across the street from the beach, but from now on, I lived right on the beach – only one gate between me and the sea.

When I woke up in the morning, the sea was the first thing I saw. From the living room, I saw the water as well and the same goes for the three patios. I didn’t even really notice the 11 other people that lived here with me as the house was huge. I had arrived at that place on earth where there really were no worries. This house seemed like right out of a movie. Beach chairs, music and free drinks on all three patios. Could it get any better?

Takapuna Beach, New Zealand, Cream&Travel, Work&Travel, Traveller, worldwide, adventure, beach
Takapuna Beach, New Zealand, Cream&Travel, Work&Travel, Traveller, worldwide, adventure, beach

In the mornings, I went for a walk and spent some time at a hidden cove where I had some time to myself. Afterwards, I had breakfast on Patio One, while listening to relaxing music. Later on, I went for a swim in the warm water and left when it got too crowded. I either took a stroll around town, which had everything you needed and was never overcrowded, or took some time-off on one of the patios. During the evenings, I enjoyed the beautiful view while working or smirked about peoples’ gaze when they wondered how I could afford living here.

Takapuna Beach, New Zealand, Cream&Travel, Work&Travel, Traveller, worldwide, adventure, beach, me
Takapuna Beach, New Zealand, Cream&Travel, Work&Travel, Traveller, worldwide, adventure, beach

Normally, I am one of those people that always wants to go out to explore. Eating out or shopping – everything that doesn’t include staying at home. This was the first place that didn’t give me any reason to leave the house, so that I spent most of my time somewhere between the sea, gate and house. And as I don’t think it can get any better, I decided to use the perks of travelling and stay here for a little longer. Takapuna Beach – my happy place.


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