I love checklists because they give you an overview of everything that needs to be done – or at least they give you the feeling of it. As I am working on my next adventure at the moment and you guys keep asking me what needs to be thought of before departure, here is my Countdown-Checklist:

Travel Countdown
Travel Countdown

2 months before departure:

  • Quit your job/ report unemployment
  • Is your passport valid for the duration of your travels? If not, get a new one
  • Get help for visa application if needed / apply for visa
  • Book flight / Open Return?
  • Cancel rental contract/ look for a subtenant
  • Cancel contracts / cancel contracts temporarily
  • Improve language skills
  • Health check/ preventive medical check-up/ vaccination
  • Collect most important medical supplies
  • Get overseas health insurance/ cancel normal health insurance for country of residence?
  • Get international driving licence
  • Make a copy of important documents and get them authenticated if needed

1 month before departure:

  • Print and learn training documents for job
  • Credit card still valid? Get a new one if needed
  • Online-banking account
  • Organise a place to stay for the first few nights
  • Get a forwarding request at post office
  • Clear open debts

1 week before departure:

  • Write down important information (mobile numbers/ addresses etc.)
  • Give address and contact number of first accommodation to family/ friends
  • Pre-pack (less is more!) to see what is really needed
  • Pre-pack hand luggage with most important things in order luggage gets lost
  • Final packing
  • Farewell party
  • Being excited and happy about the fact your adventure starts soon

After 1 week in the new country:

  • Let everyone know you’ve arrived safely
  • Get a SIM card
  • Open a bank account
  • Apply for a tax number
  • Get to know your area
  • Fight the jetlag
  • Get started

With this list I’ve started all my adventures!

When each box is ticked it is time to enjoy!

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