I remember preparing my first Work & Travel stay in Australia. I was wondering what equipment and functional clothing I would need for my adventure. After I had informed myself on the Internet, I went to the Globetrotter store to get further advice. From zipper pants, functional jackets and trekking shoes to the right backpack and shirts all in the color khaki. While I was standing in the locker room trying on all this stuff, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and wondered if I really needed all this stuff?

Equipment- yes or no?

Looking back, I can tell you that I’m glad I didn’t buy all these things. Because if you’re not the type for backpacks and trekking shoes in Germany, you won’t become one on the other side of the world suddenly. Of course, there are adventures for which certain equipment is necessary and there are also people that like these kind of clothing, but if you are flying to the other side of the world and you plan to mainly stay in cities and only go on a few tours, a complete equipment is unnecessary in my opinion.

After all, you don’t want to attract attention abroad, because you are the only one with zipper pants and trekking shoes walking through the city. That’s why today I’m introducing you to all the things I’ve taken abroad and which I would recommend to everyone:

Work & Travel Equipment – my Top 10:


Travel towels

As a backpacker, you move from one place to another and carry all your belongings with you. Therefore, you try to pack as space-saving as possible. Travel towels are an ingenious invention. Not only because they are light and take up little space, but especially because they dry quickly. That means you can take a shower just before you move on and still don’t have to carry wet towels around in your backpack.

Inlet Sleeping Bag

As a backpacker, you move from hostel to hostel and sleep in a different bed almost every night. Not every hostel has the same hygiene, so it is nice to have your own sleeping bag that you can wrap yourself in.


I never thought I’d ever use a headlamp, because it does look a bit stupid, but it makes more sense than I thought. For example, if you want to read something in the hostel in the evening, but everyone else is asleep, or if you have to climb a canyon at dawn or need to go to the toilet at night in the outback – you should always have a headlamp in your luggage.

Fleece jacket

My fleece jacket was one of my favorites during my stay abroad. Whenever it got colder outside, the fleece jacket was a perfect choice. You should buy a neutral color that matches everything. I chose a black one.

All-weather jacket

Even if I don’t believe in all-weather and rain jackets in normal life – such a purchase is worthwhile during a long stay abroad, where you visit different climatic zones. I chose a Pinea jacket and have never regretted it. It is thin and has air slits under the armpits, so that you don’t sweat too much, especially in high humidity, but are still protected from the rain. Combined with the fleece jacket it keeps you warm even at low temperatures.


I tried on many different trekking shoes – but in the end, I decided on comfortable sneakers. I walked with them through the jungle, through canyons and on the beach and they were always perfect for my purposes. However, if you plan to hike or climb for days, you should probably put on trekking shoes. Walk in your shoes before you start your adventure in order not to get blisters on your feet.


Probably the most important decision every backpacker has to make – backpack or trolley? If you can’t decide on one, take the backpack trolley from Osprey. You can use it like a normal suitcase, but you can also easily change it into a comfortable backpack.

In general, the decision for or against a backpack should be made according to everyday life. If you never carry a backpack, like me, then you probably won’t get used to it abroad either. Organising your clothes is much easier in a trolley. However, if you plan to walk a lot with your backpack or travel to an area where the roads are not in good conditions, a backpack is properly a better idea. 

Vacuum bags

If you live out of your backpack or trolley for a very long time, the vacuum bags can ensure that you keep the overview over your stuff. They can also help to save a lot of space. This makes them very helpful while traveling.

Waterproof mobile phone case

You also want to take great photos with your mobile phone while snorkeling or you are sitting on a boat and you are afraid that your mobile phone will get wet? For this the waterproof cell phone case is amazing. Because it protects your mobile phone and you can also continue to use it as usual.

Travel adapter

If you are planning to travel to more than one country, it is definitely worthwhile to get a reasonable travel adapter. Ideally, one that works in as many countries as possible and not only has USP, but also power connections. This ensures that you can charge and use all the necessary electrical devices at any time.


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